Al Muntada Al Islami Trust Wins in the High Court: No Links to Terrorism



Apr. 23, 2019

LONDON: On 16 April 2019, Al Muntada Al Islami Trust (‘Al Muntada’) won substantial damages in the High Court of Kano, Nigeria, against allegations made in 2012 by the Nigerian Tribune newspaper of links to terrorism. African Newspapers of Nigeria PLC — publishers of the Tribune — were ordered to pay N50,000,000 (Fifty Million Naira; US $139,999) in damages to Al Muntada.

The High Court found the original newspaper article was defamatory towards Al Muntada. It further issued an injunction in perpetuity prohibiting the newspaper from publishing any libellous or defamatory statements regarding the Trust. The defendants were ordered by the court to write an apology to Al Muntada Trust.

The case began when the Nigerian Tribune published the article “Boko Haram Funding Traced to UK, S/Arabia — Sect Planned to Turn Nigeria into Afghanistan — Arrested Kingpin Opens Up” (13 February 2012). International media outlets, academics, and politicians subsequently used this singular article to repeat the allegations that Al Muntada was linked to Boko Haram, permanently damaging its reputation at home and overseas.

The Trust immediately sued the Tribune, and after seven years of protracted legal proceedings won in the High Court on April 16, 2019. The false allegations remain referenced however, online, in books and scholarly journals, and by various international governments and agencies.

Dr Saeed Al-Gadi, General Supervisor of Al Muntada stated after the High Court win, “We will now ensure all steps are taken to fully restore Al Muntada’s exemplary reputation” and that its charitable activities “continue unburdened by the weight of these malicious and fabricated stories”.

A registered charity in England and Wales (293355), Al Muntada is headquartered in London and has been proudly serving the local community in addition to impoverished nations overseas, providing emergency relief, food and medical assistance, water and sanitation aid, and building and educational support.

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