Al Muntada Al Islami Trust a local Muslim community organisation in the Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham held its annual Eid Al Fitr event in Eel Brook Common this morning. This followed an Iftar dinner the previous evening which took place at its Fulham centre with the Hammersmith & Fulham Mayor, Cllr. Daryl Brown.

The Eid celebration was attended by the Leader of the Hammersmith & Fulham council, Cllr. Stephen Cowan and Cllr. Andrew Brown who helped to make it a special occasion with the Muslim community of around 3,000. The celebration began with an opening address speech by Cllr. Cowan who congratulated the Muslim community on fasting for the month of Ramadan and wished them a very happy and joyful Eid.

After which an Eid prayer and sermon was delivered by Dr. Saeed Al-Ghadi, chairman of the Trust, who reminded the community about continuing with their good deeds and the importance keeping good family ties.

Local Town Ward Cllr. Brown joined in the celebration and gave some encouraging words of recognition about the borough’s Muslim residents who contributed so much to this richly diverse borough. He led a walk about and spoke with many of the families and their children enjoying the celebration activities including fun fair rides and entertainment. This helped capture the spirit of the event and inclusiveness experienced by all those around.

For further details please contact: Mr. Imran Asif, Al Muntada Al Islami Trust director Tel. 07393 837872 or e-mail