Minister of Religion

Department: Minister of Religion
Salary: £20-25k pa
Deadline for application: 5pm, 30th September 2020

  1. The Role

To oversee of a range of Islamic programmes, activities for the social and cultural department in one or more of a variety of service areas for the local community, wide audience, guest and sponsors.  Will drive youth and adult in learning, reading, memorisation of Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies through classroom teaching, lecturing, and other engaging activities in line with organization objectives.JD – Minister of Religion- Feb 2020

Will work with all staff/partner to ensure that the Trust’s program, service and Islamic events are dynamic, responsive and efficient while leading on strategy  in consultation with the General Director and board of trustees.  Must demonstrate ability to lead and work with the rest of the departments to build and strengthen the organisations external reputation and its internal systems, procedures and processes.

Additionally, will also conduct regular prayers including Friday prayers, Eid Prayers and Ramadan prayers for the community and partners. Will partake in a variety of activities for Muslims and non-Muslims in order to further the goals and objectives of the organisation while creatively seeking to expand our services and program to new and less engaged audience.


 2. Main tasks


Primary Tasks:

Imam Duties

  • Conduct regular prayers, Friday prayers, Janaza prayers, Eid Prayers and Ramadan prayers
  • Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly sermons for a diverse audience
  • Ensure that the teaching methods are used which are in accordance with Islamic principles and values and in compliance with UK legislative requirement
  • Ensure students are taught Islamic manners and principles at all times during the Quran & Arabic hours
  • To Aid the community by undertaking role as arbitrator in common problem face in the community such as family dispute, marriage dispute and other civil reconciliation needs, while at all times upholding strict confidentiality

Research and develop programs

  • To work inclusively on programs, advice and aide in management for all Islamic events, projects and service by the organisation.
  • Assess Islamic program requirements, community service needs and interest through engagement with community and wider audience at management meetings, directory forums, conferences and other avenues
  • Monitor programs performance against goals to ensure that progress is being made and that corrective action is taken if necessary whilst identifying areas where new Islamic events and programs are needed
  • To work with the General Director on the strategic direction and development of trust  national meeting, annual conference, staff meeting and sessions

Plan, implement and promote activities

  • Present, lead team and schedule activities, facilities and volunteers as required whilst encourage local community to participate in regional and local programs
  • Co-ordinate community relations campaign to promote our Islamic events, programs and service while maintaining close relationship with local, regional and territorial partners
  • To make yearly plan for the all Islamic events, programs and services
  • Compile detailed reports concerning Islamic events, programs and whilst ensuring all are implemented according to relevant (Government) legislation,  organisation’s policies and procedures

Secondary Tasks

  • Participate in relevant meetings including the General Staff Meetings, campaign team meetings, supervision, external meetings and identify and undertake professional development opportunities.
  • Promote conference, events and projects by liaison with other organisations
  • Attend executive meetings and forward agenda items as reasonably directed
  • Fostering good communications, effective working practices and a positive climate throughout the trust and partners
  • To oversee all communications and working with similar organisation across the Islamic core work areas
  • To contribute to the organisation newsletters and monthly e-magazine, as well as other communications via post, the website, blogs, social networking sites and other digital media
  • In consultation with trustees and the senior management team, to identify ways of maximising use of the website

To apply – please email CV and covering letter to