Al Muntada Trust is a hate crime reporting centre. We encourage all those who witness or experience hate crimes to report the incidences. By reporting incidents, you will enable the police, local councils, housing associations etc to build up patterns of behaviour locally, and highlight areas of concern within your community.

By reporting the incidence, you can get the support you may need and help ensure that offenders are brought to justice and cannot do the same to other people.

What can I report?

You can report any incident you believe was motivated by hostility based on your:

  • disability
  • race
  • religion/belief
  • gender

These incidents may involve physical attacks, verbal abuse, domestic abuse, harassment, damage to your property, bullying or graffiti.

How can I report?

Anyone can use the Al Muntada Trust centre to report a hate crime or hate incident – the reporting centre is open to staff and members of the public.

You can report a Hate Incident or Hate Crime by visiting:

Our Centre
Al Muntada Trust, 7 Bridges Place, Fulham, SW6 4HW [map]
Open to All - Mon - Fri - 10am-5pm
However, if you prefer for a female Hate Crime Officer - Mon Tues Thurs 8am -2pm

Email: to book an appointment with a Hate Crime Officer

You can report by giving your personal details or by doing so anonymously. Unless you state otherwise, your report will be passed on to the police.

Please be aware that Al Muntada Trust will not be responsible for determining the circumstances of the report, the investigation of the report, or the gathering of evidence in relation to the report.

If you believe it is an emergency situation where someone is in immediate danger you should contact the police by calling 999.