Al Muntada Trust was founded in 1986, and operated across the UK and overseas.

In 2014, Al Muntada Trust became the parent organisation to several entities which wanted to focus their energy and expertise in their respective fields. As a result WLICC, Muntada Aid and Al Muntada Travel were formed as subsidiary of Al Muntada Trust.

Al Muntada Trust was also parent to Al Muntada Girls' Secondary School based in Hammersmith. Being located in Central London it could not sustain the high expenses which resulted in its closure in the summer of 2014.

Since 2014, Al Muntada Trust has focused it charitable activities in the UK.

In Summer of 2018 Al Muntada Trust had to close Al Muntada Primary School which had been running for 30 years due to financial constraints. However, it decided in the interest of the locals who demanded a faith based school to lease out the school building to Evergreen Primary School so that the community could continue benefitting from this service.