Al Muntada Trust is proud to work alongside Muslims Give Blood and the NHS to encourage Muslims to save lives through the gift of donating their blood.

There are 8 blood types. Without having access to a compatible blood type when you are injured, doctors will not be able to provide you with life-saving treatment. Blood type is largely related to our ethnic origins – for example 25% of the south Asian communities are blood group B, compared to only 9% of Caucasians. Currently a very small percentage of minority ethnic groups donate blood, therefore there is a severe shortage in compatible blood types.

In conjunction with Muslims Give Blood, we are campaigning and raising awareness of the importance for the 2 million Muslims in the UK to donate blood. Already this year, over 400 people have signed to be a blood donor through our partnership.

96% of the UK relies on just 4% of the population to donate blood. Every unit of blood donated can save the lives of 3 people. Which means, each person who donates blood can save the lives of 500 people in their lifetime.

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