Al Muntada Trust responds to the Henry Jackson Society report

Press Statement

July 20th 2017

Al Muntada Trust responds to the Henry Jackson Society report –  Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism Research Paper No:9 (2017) July 2017


We strongly and unequivocally condemn all forms of extremism, radicalism, intolerance and violence including Islamophobia in all its forms.

We have recently been the subject of unfair, unfounded, inaccurate and biased reports making hostile islamophobic allegations against us.

We have repeatedly asked for evidence to support these accusations, but none has been forthcoming. Allegations against us have been made without us being given the opportunity to put forward our side. This goes against the fundamental principles of fairness, justice and rule of law.

We are regulated and governed by the Laws of England and Wales and the regulations of the Charity Commission, if any of these allegations were substantiated then we would not be able to operate in the United Kingdom. We operate within the Law and Charity Commission regulations and guidelines.

Organisations such as ours provide an invaluable and indispensable service to the community in London and across the UK, especially for the most vulnerable such as the homeless, the destitute, single mothers, the youth and for others after genuine attacks and tragic fires. These false allegations are a detriment to our charitable work, they prevent us from concentrating all our efforts on helping the poor and needy and divert our resources and time to defending ourselves against these hostile unfair, unsubstantiated attacks.

We request that before publishing, regurgitating and circulating old, unsubstantiated fake news, all organisations, academics and institutions verify the facts and give the accused the opportunity to respond before publishing such material.

We clearly understand that certain organisations publishing and circulating these allegations have their own agenda and are not interested in reporting facts but they are using Islamophobia as the main motivating factor for further military intervention in the international arena.

We condemn the said report and invite all parties concerned to contact us directly to obtain our answers to these false allegations before publishing and circulating this report as fact.


Dr Saeed Al Ghadie – Al Muntada Trust