Press Statement – London Terror Attack June 3rd 2017

Press Statement – London Terror Attack June 3

Our thoughts are with all the victims and their families who were affected by the terror attack in London yesterday.

Al Muntada Trust sta­nds united with Lond­on and communities across the country against all acts of terrorism.

These acts of terror have nothing to do with our religion. In fact, they are extremely against the very principals, foundations and teachings of Islam. We will co­ntinue to work to br­ing communities of all faiths together, and to help those who are in need.


PRESS RELEASE – Terrorist Attack on Manchester Arena

Press Release
Re: Coordination Council of Mosques’ Position on Terrorist Attack on Manchester Arena
We are appalled by the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night in which innocent civilians were injured and precious lives lost.
We unequivocally condemn the attack and reiterate our firm position that there is no justification for such criminal acts against civilians and civilian institutions.
Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families.
We pay tribute to our emergency services and law enforcement authorities for their efforts and hard work in reaching out to those in need of care and protection.
Coordination Council of Mosques
London Central Mosque
Al Muntada Trust
Al Manar Mosque
North London Mosque
Muslim Welfare House